New Moon Wisdom for the Month!

New Moon Wisdom for the Month!

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Earth Day New Moon Report 2020

This year’s Earth Day energies corresponded with Wednesday night’s New Moon in Taurus, which occurred a couple of hours after sunset, at 9:26pm CT, ushering in a new 30 day cycle.  The first few days after a New Moon are times to plant seeds and put forth goals and plans for the next 30 days.  This new Moon in pragmatic, earthy Taurus reminds us to connect with our heart-centered values, establish practical routines, and to find a pace that we’re willing and able to maintain consistently – in order to continue taking action, building on, and developing our plans.  Taurus energy is a good-willed, hard-working energy that performs best when calm, rested, fed and when not rushed, or pushed too hard to deliver on someone else’s priorities or deadlines.  Taurus New Moon times help us to focus on what is essential, like food, shelter, work/earning/budgets and again, finding rhythms for living that are sustainable.  Taurus wisdom knows that, like music, we all have our own rhythms for optimal performance and must do what we can in order to stay grounded and true to those rhythms without falling into stagnation or ruts.  As with all new moon cycles, opportunities exist for each person to consider what resonates about the particular wisdom of the time and make choices about how to best align with or harness that wisdom – ideally for the good of all concerned.

There’s much we can see from this New Moon’s configurations, but first it’s important to remember that the planets are not in charge – it’s useful to think of them like giant cosmic mirrors, reflecting our own consciousness and situations back to us.  In the Taurus New Moon Chart, we see all the planets traveling together in close, bowl formation with powerful Pluto, the transformer, leading the way.  Pluto represents the depths of our being where our true power is stored, and sometimes repressed, along with other aspects of ourselves that we have not been able or willing to look at – including our bigger talents and our sense of having a mission!  In order to recover this deep purpose and inner reserve of energy and strength, Plutonian journeys often ask us to embrace a mystery, or at least allow that we might be experiencing a much bigger process that we don’t fully understand.

This potent New Moon chart shape reflects the enormous creative potentials of those of us sheltering at home and not coming out to be seen… yet.   Powerful Pluto also represents the first responders trained to show up and deal with intense, life and death situations!  First responders, health care professionals, and essential workers are leading us during this profound time when nature and the Earth itself (Taurus) seem to need many of us to stay inside (stay inside the bowl!) out of the way while the Earth and humankind both fight to find their way back to balance.  At my Astrology talks in January, we also addressed the concept of mining for gold and this Earth Day New Moon occurs at the degree of the zodiac symbolizing the rainbow’s pot of gold!  Symbolically, each of us is mining our own lives for gold: wading or digging through some version of our shadows, dysfunction, or grief.   At times, we’ll simply turn to face issues we have not seen or looked at previously – perhaps issues that we avoided- that we’re likely strong enough to face now, especially with support!  Now, we can strive to clear out old, outworn, or decayed elements from our situations, consciousness, and our lives in order to uncover, recover, or rediscover hidden gems of strength, talent, compassion, leadership, and unity. 

As we also talked about in January, the combination of planets Jupiter and Pluto will help to provide the energy and protection for extraordinary, monumental efforts to change, heal, recover and transform!

Mining for Gold within our own life experience

In honor of Taurus – Keeping it Simple: A useful Plutonian question for the month/year from January Talk, “what part of my life would I like to see transformed?”  Sometimes just naming it or considering the question and then surrendering it to the mystery can facilitate change.

On Thursday, a few hours after the New Moon cycle begins, the Moon in Taurus connects with disruptive Uranus (followed by the Sun’s conjunction with Uranus on Sunday 4/26) challenging the status quo and prompting us to shake-up our routines. The tricky part of this spontaneity-seeking energy is that boredom and restlessness could prompt us to overthrow parts of our lives and routines that are already working well, rather than focusing on new experiences or different areas to improve and build on.  Throughout Thursday, the Moon also builds into a challenging relationship with militant Mars, further challenging us to direct our pent-up energy towards a worthwhile objective.  It’s also possible that these two combinations could reflect continued calls for defiant, immature forms of revolution against community quarantine safeguards.

On a societal level, the continued tension of those in power who manipulate frustrations (also Pluto) to fuel dissent (Uranus) in order to avoid responsibility (Capricorn) by asserting/inflaming the rights of the individual (Uranus, Mars in Aquarius), as if the individual were not also a member of a community (Aquarius) with unique choices and responsibilities to contribute to the common good of human kind (also Aquarius) will play out through this lunar month.  It will be interesting to view these energies again at the time of the full Moon when the Moon in Scorpio will also challenge Mars in Aquarius from the other side of the zodiac.

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When is the next Astrology Talk?

Stay tuned! I hope to offer my next astrology talk on –line in Spring or early Summer 2020

What’s Therese’s approach, when talking about astrology?

In the astrology discussions I offer, my goals are to be informative, affirming, enlightening and inspiring.  Although astrology can be a complex, symbolic, language-system with myriad ways of measuring and considering information, I’ve discovered a genuine passion and ability for making astrology accessible to laypeople.  By embracing what is both magical and practical about the language, I zero in on salient themes of a given cycle and offer valuable insights for people to consider. 

You will gain increased awareness of the divine dance of the cosmos that we are all intimately connected with, so that it’s easier to consciously engage with the energies expressing during a given time.

I believe these energies and themes belong to all of us, and express for all of us, and I love speaking of them in ways that people can begin to understand, embrace and make good use of in their own lives.  I describe enough of the mechanics of the planetary movements to ground people in a basic understanding of what’s occurring in the sky without getting bogged down in too many details or straying too far into astro-mythological stories that aren’t pertinent to people’s lives.  I strive to share this information with as much kindness, good humor and grounded wisdom as possible since the planetary bodies and their movements are already spectacular and don’t really need to be sensationalized.  In my discussions, I invite audience members to consider stepping up their games in bite-sized, gentle ways and I offer soulful, homework themes to take home so they can appreciate, track and enjoy the journey!!

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