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2019 Astrology: Fall into Winter

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As always, the insights and views expressed in this blog are my own interpretations and opinions — you’re welcome to consider or disregard them, along with any suggestions offered, as you see fit. Thank you for visiting!

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What’s cooking in the cosmos during the last quarter of 2019?

A powerful new Moon on Sunday 10/27/19 – Breakdowns might precede breakthroughs with this new lunar cycle.  Both unpredictable Uranus and potent Pluto are involved with this new Moon, which could very well correlate with major change and shake ups of the status quo. Additionally this Fall, moving forward could first require tending to, fixing up, repairing, and preparing for, as…

The year’s final Mercury retrograde begins on 10/31/19 and lasts thru 11/20/19. I suggest backing up data a few days prior. For videos on Mercury retrograde and its effects, see

Massive Jupiter completes its 12 month passage through its home sign of Sagittarius, and for the first time in 12 years, moves into the sign of Capricorn on December 2, 2019. For the next twelve months, buoyant, optimistic Jupiter travels through much more restrained, realistic terrain inviting us to get real and choose which of our long term goals we can/will commit to. Jupiter joins serious Saturn and potent Pluto, already hanging out in the pragmatic, strategic realm of the mountain goat.

Note: Throughout this Fall, Saturn and Pluto will move closer to their exact conjunction in the same degree of Capricorn on January 12, 2020.  Their last conjunction was 34 years ago — and their last conjunction in Capricorn occurred in 1518!

Everyone has 22 degrees of Capricorn somewhere in their natal chart! And, people with planetary placements near 22 degrees of any cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra   or Capricorn) could feel especially challenged/awakened by this energetic signature.

More information about Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in earth signs and discussion of Jupiter’s symbolism: Videos from recent astrology discussions are relevant in 2019 and 2020.

When Jupiter moves through Capricorn, it also moves from a challenging square relationship with outer-planet Neptune into a more supportive sextile relationship with Neptune which is moving through ITS  home sign of  Pisces. Theoretically at least, this harmonious relationship between Jupiter and Neptune, could make it easier to accurately assess the viability of our highest ideals, creative talents, and spiritual identities and then open the possibilities to do something about those options that fit. However, with sextile energy, we are required to step up and supply effort to engage with those opportunities. Among other things, this planetary relationship calls us to do the work of our inner artist and dreamer and to embrace responsibility for our life purpose.

At times, this much sobering Capricorn energy could feel like a buzz-kill and could stir up resistance to the hard-work ahead, but the opportunity of these times is to apply ourselves with discipline, care, and dedication to the work of our souls.

Positively, Capricorn energy can also increase: desires for mastery and the willingness to work for it; distaste for excess and waste; awareness of consequences; genuine dignity and integrity; as well as willingness to step up as responsible elders in the community to help guide younger generations.  Capricorn energy can also help to clarify standards of accountability.

Negatively, dysfunctional Capricorn energy can express as obsession with results and disregard for process, aka the ends justify the means.  Not all shrewd strategies are worth pursuing and progress at any cost will not be sustainable. Harsh attitudes, cold-heartedness, isolation and extreme efforts to control, provide wake-up calls to indicate when Capricorn energies have gone into over-drive.

The year also ends with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn! on Christmas night in central and pacific time zones.  The eclipse features the Sun, Moon and south node joining Jupiter, with Saturn and Pluto nearby.

Yes, indeed, there’s a lot going on astrologically and these events correspond with major themes that resonate for each of us in some area of our charts and our lives in 2019 and 2020. Since the planetary movements in our solar system reflect our own human evolution back to us – think about looking in a giant cosmic mirror! – these energies are worth knowing about. 

How can you hear more about these energies and what they mean for you individually? Email to schedule your appointment for a private reading.

As a metaphysical astrologer and evolutionary intuitive, my calling and interest has always been to help awaken an inspired understanding of the higher spiritual potentials and creative opportunities inherent in our lives at any given time, and astrology is one of my tools for doing this. This is why we gather for astrology discussions – to consciously engage with the interesting, joyful and sometimes challenging work of our souls.

In your private reading or at a Talk, we’ll look at the amazing and powerful expressing and the major themes of the Now and how these energies and themes relate to YOU so you can connect to CO-CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT.

Stay tuned for more information about our next Astrology Talk in January, 2020.

At each Astrology Talk, attendees also receive specially crafted “soul homework” designed to help awaken the inner guidance and wisdom from your heart-mind, in concert with cosmic currents.

Do I need to know astrology to attend Therese’s talks or watch videos?

You don’t need to know anything about astrology to attend or to watch the videos.  Simply allow astrology terms to wash over you, since I provide plenty of English language words to support and develop those terms.

Therese describes enough of the mechanics of the planetary movements to provide a basic understanding of what’s occurring in the sky without getting bogged down in too many details or straying too far into astro-mythological stories that aren’t pertinent to your life.

What’s your approach, when you give a reading or a talk?

My goals are to be informative, affirming, enlightening and inspiring. Although astrology and tarot can be complex, symbolic, language-systems with myriad ways of measuring and considering information, I’ve discovered a genuine passion and ability for making their messages accessible. By embracing what is both magical and practical about the energy in the reading, I zero in on salient themes of a given cycle and offer valuable insights for people to consider.

Contact Therese to give an astrology talk for your club or organization!


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