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Fall Equinox 2021 – Finding Balanced Perspectives

Fall Equinox 2021 – Finding Balanced Perspectives 970 786 webmaster

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Context: The archetypal symbols of astrology have been around for millenia and, basically, astrology is a language that helps us map and understand our connections with the energy of a living universe.  Astrology allows us to track archetypal human experiences and knowable life cycles.

In other words, the planets are not in charge.  They do not cause or compel us to do anything. The same divine intelligence that created us also created the planets in our solar system.  Perhaps the best way to consider how astrology works is, when we look up into the sky at the planets, asteroids and key points in our solar system, it’s like looking into a giant cosmic mirror, reflecting our human experiences, energetic cycles, and evolution back to us.  Astrologers have been observing the movements of the planets for many millenia and witnessing the correlations between planetary movements and human experiences.  The planetary movements and our cycles of consciousness and growth are part of the SAME dance of life.  So, if we’re experiencing something here on earth, either as individuals or as societies, trained astrologers look up into the cosmic mirror and see those same energetic themes expressing in the movements of the planets.

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Libra’s energy figures prominently when the Sun enters the sign of Libra at the Fall Equinox on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 2:21pm CT and joins Mars and Mercury, already traveling though Libra.  With the Libra equinox, we typically feel the pull to focus more on our relationships and what we want to experience with other people, yet this year’s chart suggests that the Libra focus on balance, harmony, tact, and diplomacy in general are heightened – perhaps even moreso than on personal relationships.

The 2021 equinox chart contains messages and themes unique to this year which will continue to echo over the next 90 days.

This year’s equinox features the Sun, close to Mars, leading in an especially dynamic locomotive formation and both planets collaborating with disciplined Saturn – which is one of five planets appearing to move in retrograde motion with Mercury, also in Libra, starting its retrograde cycle a few days after the equinox on 9/26.  Five or Six planets moving in retrograde motion is a lot (see chart below for more info on retrogrades), and at the time of the Equinox, all of the inner planets, which are closer to the Sun, are moving in direct motion while all of the outer planets are moving in retrograde motion. In fact, a key feature of this year’s Equinox are the connections that occur between the inner planets and the outer planets, suggesting that our personal lives are bound up with the bigger issues and themes of life in much more noticeable and obvious ways. There’s also a strong holistic interplay revealed in these connections between between our own individual lives and the way our lives are part of a much larger whole; therefore the choices we make affect the whole even while the choices of others affect us. We can also understand more clearly and directly that actions and choices have consequences and that we are responsible for our actions and choices – in fact the mature Capricorn ascendant suggests that we are the embodiment of those choices and are wise to recognize how important it is to take ourselves and our actions seriously.

The interesting combination of Sun, Mars, and Saturn retrograde in air signs this year offers an impersonal, intellectual framework for viewing and participating in all of our relationships. In general, these energies correlate with more detached perspectives, helping us to see others as equals, friends, or fellow humans and making it easier to apply logic and diplomacy in our interactions. In short, we could find it easier to give our colleagues, friends and loved ones the same latitude we would like them to give us. Afterall, we’re each individually members of groups, communities and societies whether we’re actively participating in them or not.

There are some stronger energies expressing at the Equinox as well, with the Moon in impatient Aries opposing communicator Mercury and both squaring intense Pluto retrograde.  These energies suggest that we might also be working on deeper lessons and patterns related to individuality and reciprocation, so it could be really valuable to notice where our relationships, and expectations, and habits of communicating might be out of balance in various ways.  Pay attention to angry, obsessive, or repetitive thought patterns which are centered around control issues or pushing for very specific experiences or outcomes.  Some of these thought patterns and pressing needs for particular results might stem from old fears or historic experiences, rooted in difficulty or trauma – which can be very informative for our healing purposes – but might not really apply as accurately to our current situations.  At times we might be the ones triggered into pressing too hard, and at times, it could be other people.  Troubled communication issues could range from very rude or hurtful words, to crippling indecision, to excessive people pleasing and self abandonment.

The issues of closeness versus independence could be further intensified, including in money or financial situations, with planet Venus, the ruler of Libra energy, moving through passionate Scorpio terrain while forming a challenging opposition with unruly planet Uranus, retrograde in Taurus. Where to combine finances and where to keep them separate? Where to invest or not?  Where to just stay friends and where to pursue romantic intimacy?  Who or what deserves my time and energy? Some of these questions and issues could appear to come up unexpectedly, although upon honest reflection, they’ve probably been brewing for awhile.  Anyone craving consistency right now is likely to be disappointed as disruptions could crop up from just about anywhere. Those who are flexible or who can shift to an alternative plan might have an easier time navigating changes. Positively, this energy could correlate with unexpected opportunities to save money, improve finances, or make stronger commitments to work or personal partnerships, but negatively some situations could fall apart or end abruptly or intensely.

On a societal level, economic unpredictability, climate disasters, computer hacks, or shattering violence could continue to express and disrupt what’s left of the status quo.  However, the additional presence of Neptune retrograde in Pisces offers increased awareness of the spiritual or compassionate aspects of life, so even if something is lost or dissolves, we’re more likely to discern higher meaning from the experience – or at least a profound realization of the interconnectedness of all of life – and perhaps some wistful or elegant acceptance even in the face of significant disppointment.

Luckily, protective Jupiter retrograde in innovative Aquarius, connects with both the Moon and Mercury in positive, supportive ways which favors hopeful and improved communications, new alliances and courageous diplomacy even while old patterns sputter through our consciousness.  Personally, our friendship groups and affiliations can also grow and expand in fun and interesting ways.  So, while this might be a time of some unexpected changes, it’s not a time to give up, since positive efforts and even faith or belief the size of mustard seeds could make a world of difference and carry us forward to worthwhile endeavors.

How will you engage with these important summertime energies of 2021?

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