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2024 Jupiter Conjoins Uranus – Here Comes the Future, a Potentially Wild Ride!

2024 Jupiter Conjoins Uranus – Here Comes the Future, a Potentially Wild Ride! 2560 1920 Amy

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Context: The archetypal symbols of astrology have been around for millenia and, basically, astrology is a language that helps us map and understand our connections with the energy of a living universe.  Astrology allows us to track archetypal human experiences and knowable life cycles.

In other words, the planets are not in charge, and do not cause or compel us to do anything. The same divine intelligence that created us also created the planets in our solar system.  Perhaps the best way to consider* how astrology works is, when we look up into the sky at the planets, asteroids and key points in our solar system, it’s like looking into a giant cosmic mirror, reflecting our human experiences, energetic cycles, and evolution back to us.  Astrologers have been observing the movements of the planets for many millenia and witnessing the correlations between planetary movements and human experiences.  The planetary movements and our cycles of consciousness and growth are part of the SAME dance of life.  So, if we’re experiencing something here on earth, either as individuals or as societies, trained astrologers look up into the cosmic mirror and see those same energetic themes expressing in the movements of the planets.

* con sider is latin, meaning with the stars

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On Saturday, April 20, 2024 planet Jupiter conjoins planet Uranus in the astrological sign of Taurus for the first time in over 800 years!

A planetary conjunction occurs when 2 planets occupy the same degree of longitude and appear to be very close together.  The conjunction of two outer planets happens more rarely and is significant astrologically, combining the themes and issues of both planets, positively and negatively. The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus happens once every 14 years, and it’s been over 800 years since they came together in the sign of Taurus.  This year’s planetary conjunction heralds significant change and is applicable and meaningful for everyone, not just Taurus people. The effects of this connection are especially noticeable between March 2 and June 5 when these 2 outer planets are closer together.   

Notably, this major conjunction also occurs during a Mercury retrograde cycle, and the day after the Sun enters Taurus, and only 12 days after the second Great American Solar Eclipse. April is indeed an action packed month!

We all have Taurus energy somewhere in our astrology charts, and it’s in that part of our charts where the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction will occur.  In basic astrology, Taurus is a practical, loyal and sometimes stubborn sign that seeks peace and usually prefers simplicity and calm over complexity and intensity.  Often, Taurus finds solace in basic, predictable routines and doesn’t especially hanker after change.  Good-hearted and hard-working, Taurus has common sense and wisdom, and will embrace change when it makes sense to do that.  In fact, this year’s Jupiter/Uranus conjunction could activate a lot of change in the areas of life associated with the Taurus section of our charts – and by extension could especially challenge the Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius parts of our charts.

Indeed when these two freedom-loving, forward-looking planetary giants combine, it’s wise to expect the unexpected, especially since this rare planetary conjunction occurs just 3 months after powerful Pluto started its 19 year journey through the eccentric, futuristic sign of Aquarius – which is ruled by Uranus.  Ready or not, the future is definitely calling.

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In basic Astrology, giant Jupiter is considered a protective planet, thought to bring mainly generous blessings and expanded opportunities.  Positive and optimistic, its energy is faith-filled, confident, and adventurous.  Negatively, Jupiter can lack moderation, and tact, and can sometimes overlook important details, like other people’s feelings. It’s also useful to be aware of Jupiter in a more neutral way, as an expansive, magnifying, or enlarging energy.  For example, if Jupiter connects with another energy or situation that is problematic, Jupiter could lend help by contributing good will and optimism for finding solutions, or it could simply make the existing problems or stressors bigger.  Jupiter often reminds us of the importance of growth and helps us to say “yes” to life and to connect with willingness and enthusiasm to explore the road ahead.  In astrology, Jupiter’s themes are linked closely to the sign of Sagittarius.

In basic Astrology, Uranus is considered an unpredictable awakener, disrupting the status quo, bringing change, and calling us to move forward into the future.  Uranus often seems to arrive with no warning, like a lightning strike, and can bring either unexpected opportunities or unexpected difficulties, or both. It often functions like a cosmic trickster, turning things upside down, lest life get too structured, routine, or predictable. Positively, Uranus helps by breaking up stagnant energy and opening up more authentic expressions or innovative ideas and open-minded approaches.  Uranus can also be rebellious and unruly – even its orbit is non-conformist!  Negatively, the expression of Uranus can sometimes seem quite harsh in its extremely impersonal, even breathtaking, disregard for the cost and effects of its disruption. Uranus is also egalitarian, and seeks to level humanity’s playing field, which can sometimes be a chaotic process. When Uranus comes to call, it helps to try to be flexible and roll with the changes; don’t cling too tightly to the past, and try not to over-react to sudden change if at all possible. In astrology, Uranus’ themes are linked closely to the sign of Aquarius.

Uranus has been travelling through the sign of Taurus since May of 2018 and last traveled through Taurus in the 1930s.  In January 2018, I gave a talk about the 7 year transit of Uranus in Taurus and highlighted some important themes and events that expressed during the 1930’s that could resonate and reverberate again (the Great Depression, food shortages, community involvement, and the run-up to WWII when both Hitler and Ghandi were key figures).  Jupiter joining with planet Uranus in Taurus this spring will likely magnify, expand, or exaggerate some of those themes that we discussed.  Video from that talk is here: relevant discussion starts at 42 minutes 23 seconds: 

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Since Uranus can sometimes be explosive and rebellious, Jupiter could exaggerate those qualities too, which suggests that we could be in for some proverbial fireworks, personally, culturally, and as a larger human society. It’s useful to remember that breakdowns often precede breakthroughs, and with this planetary combination, the potentials for both personal and societal breakthroughs that could benefit many people also exist. Even if we find that our own lives aren’t especially disrupted, it could be wise to stay reasonably well informed, and to remember that other folks might be dealing with significant tumult and pressure. Tempers could also erupt since these energies can correlate with a lot of restlessness, impatience, and lack of restraint.

Reactions and over-reactions could surprise us, whether ours or someone else’s, and whenever possible, we are wise to count to 10, if not 100, before responding to something we feel upset about. Interestingly, it’s a different quote from revolutionary founding father, Ben Franklin, which very aptly describes one of the highest and best potentials of Uranus in Taurus: “Genius (Uranus) is nothing but a greater aptitude for patience (Taurus).”  Maybe Jupiter’s protective potentials and capacity for greater understanding will help enough of us to heed Ben Franklin’s words and to act accordingly during this unpredictable and sometimes chaotic time – fingers crossed!

Ideally, the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus could provide real and exciting opportunities for positive breakthroughs in our lives, possibly increased prosperity, expanded social circles or community, or the opportunity for a long desired move, or return to school, or more travel, to name a few possibilities.  We could also experience more freedom from old behavior patterns, or negative thinking, that we thought might never change. And the potential for increased confidence, optimism, and good will that helps to break through heavier energies or disunion are also interesting possibilities of this conjunction. Having faith and applying positive affirmations for our goals and the good of all concerned could be especially potent during this time. And it could be useful and calming to remember those times in life where something good came out of situations that we originally regarded as “bad” or unwelcome. Jupiter likes to explore and Uranus likes to experiment and discover new ways of doing things, so even folks who are typically very reluctant to change might feel more open to it.  Jupiter also really understands the concept of mutually beneficial options and Uranus can offer innovative, creative solutions to vexing problems that favor the majority of people involved in a situation or society.

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