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January 2019

Come Hear Why 2019 is Such a Powerful Year for You!

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Come Hear Why 2019 is Such a Powerful Year for You!

You’ll be delighted with how accessible Therese makes astrology for you to tap into and use in your own life!

Therese’s Astrology Talks offer an easy, affordable way to gain valuable insights and useful information for framing your year and embracing the biggest opportunities for change and growth.

You won’t want to miss the exciting information presented at these Astrology Talks! Two options offered at two wonderful spiritual centers!

[highlight style=”default”]– Sunday, January 27, 2019 12:00pm -2:00pm [/highlight]

2019 – Change is good! – Charting Astrological Energies:
What’s ahead for 2019? And how to consider the key energies for the year.

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Unity in Chicago, first floor Library
1925 W. Thome Avenue, Chicago, IL
Tickets: $30.00 (in advance or at the door)
Free Parking Lot!

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2019 creates possibilities for adapting to changing landscapes with more positive energy at our disposal. As we continue to adjust to very different planetary energies that have not been available to us in the many years, the universe offers some new perspectives and priorities.

Therese will discuss these important energetic shifts and the potential opportunities and challenges they reflect and reveal for us this year. We do live in interesting times and people have taken much inspiration, insight and hope from Therese’s talks.

You do not need to know how to speak astrology in order to benefit from Therese’s Astrology Talks!

Audience members will receive inspiring information and manageable, astro-aligned homework questions for your SOUL to help you appreciate, track and enjoy your year!!

Therese will describe enough of the mechanics of the planetary movements to provide a basic understanding of what’s occurring in the sky without getting bogged down in too many details or straying too far into astro-mythological stories that aren’t pertinent to your life.

Astrology and Spirituality: In looking at and discussing the amazing and powerful planetary energies expressing, we raise our awareness of the major themes of the NOW, and increase our alignment with the divine dance of the cosmos, which makes it easier to consciously engage with our own lives and the energies expressing in 2019!

View videos of previous talks here:

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Since 1998, Therese Murphy has been a nationally certified, practicing astrologer and professional intuitive. Well known for her amazing, inspiring astrology discussions, Therese embraces what is both magical and practical about the astrological language, zeroes in on salient themes and cycles, and offers valuable insights for people to consider and make good use of in their daily lives. Her goals are to be informative, affirming, enlightening and inspiring. Therese has discovered a genuine passion and ability for making astrology accessible to laypeople as well as those more familiar with astrology. Although astrology can be a complex, symbolic, language-system which offers myriad ways of measuring and considering information, Therese’s amazing discussions bring these symbols to life in ways that are accessible and relatable. Spirited, intelligent, kind-hearted and humorous, Therese shares astrological wisdom in a very grounded, meaningful and friendly way.