Video discussion – Great American Solar Eclipse of 8/21/17 and more!

solar eclipse

Video discussion – Great American Solar Eclipse of 8/21/17 and more!

Video discussion – Great American Solar Eclipse of 8/21/17 and more! 700 562 webmaster

As always, the insights and views I express in this blog and video are my own interpretations and opinions — you’re welcome to consider or disregard them, along with any suggestions offered, as you see fit. Thank you for visiting!


**Please note: I offer astrology readings in private, individual sessions only.

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When and where did you record this video?

Recorded on the day of the New Moon in Leo on 7/23/17 at Unity in Chicago, this was the third talk in my 2017 series, and the first in many years that I’ve given at Unity in Chicago, a spiritual home and venue very near and dear to me since 1998.


When and where will you give your next astrology talk?

Rev. Heidi and I are already discussing dates for the next astrology talk at Unity Chicago in 2017– and in January 2018, I’ll be presenting a discussion of the major astrology energies of 2018 at Unity! Mark your calendars now!


How can I keep in touch with you until then?

Please keep in touch by LIKING my FB PAGE:

Therese Murphy – Intuitive Readings and Events or by emailing


What will you hear about when you watch this video?

There’s loads of useful and juicy information throughout the video, but times are provided to bookmark the start of segment.

In this video I explain:

  • why it’s valuable to have astrology discussions; (3 mins 54)
  • how astrologers do their work; (6 mins)
  • the value of having an astrologer work with you on your own chart; (7 mins 54)
  • the fascinating components of this summer’s total solar eclipse and common effects here on earth; (12 mins 25)
  • my “prediction” for the eclipse; (16 mins 40 sec)
  • whether this Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 might bring about the cosmic end to man-splaining?
  • how to work with the energy of the eclipse in your own life; (25 mins 20)
  • how Saturn is connecting us energetically to the powerful center of our Milky Way Galaxy –and how to work with that rare opportunity; (60 mins)


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Do I need to know astrology to watch this video?

You don’t need to know anything about astrology to watch or listen to this video.  Simply allow astrology terms to wash over you, since I provide plenty of English language words to support and develop those terms.


What’s your approach, when you talk about astrology?

In the astrology discussions I offer, my goals are to be informative, affirming, enlightening and inspiring.  Although astrology can be a complex, symbolic, language-system with myriad ways of measuring and considering information, I’ve discovered a genuine passion and ability for making astrology accessible to laypeople.  By embracing what is both magical and practical about the language, I zero in on salient themes of a given cycle and offer valuable insights for people to consider.


What will I gain from watching this video?

My astrology talks can help people increase their awareness of the divine dance of the cosmos that we are all intimately connected with and make it easier for people to consciously engage with the energy expressing during a given time, if they choose.


I believe these energies and themes belong to all of us, and express for all of us, and I love speaking of them in ways that people can begin to understand, embrace and make good use of in their own lives.  I describe enough of the mechanics of the planetary movements to ground people in a basic understanding of what’s occurring in the sky without getting bogged down in too many details or straying too far into astro-mythological stories that aren’t pertinent to people’s lives.  I strive to share this information with as much kindness, good humor and grounded wisdom as possible since the planetary bodies and their movements are already spectacular and don’t really need to be sensationalized.  In this discussion, I invite audience members to consider stepping up their game in bite-sized ways that they can appreciate, track –and enjoy!!


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