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2020 Summer Solstice

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Discussion – Summer Solstice  – Belonging

The individual, the Society and Massive Change

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Context: The archetypal symbols of astrology have been around for millenia and, basically, astrology is a language that helps us map and understand our connections with the energy of a living universe.  Astrology allows us to track archetypal human experiences and knowable life cycles.

In other words, the planets are not in charge.  They do not cause or compel us to do anything. The same divine intelligence that created us also created the planets in our solar system.  Perhaps the best way to consider* how astrology works is, when we look up into the sky at the planets, asteroids and key points in our solar system, it’s like looking into a giant cosmic mirror, reflecting our human experiences, energetic cycles, and evolution back to us.  Astrologers have been observing the movements of the planets for many millenia and witnessing the correlations between planetary movements and human experiences.  The planetary movements and our cycles of consciousness and growth are part of the SAME dance of life.  So, if we’re experiencing something here on earth, either as individuals or as societies, trained astrologers look up into the cosmic mirror and see those same energetic themes expressing in the movements of the planets.

* consider is latin, meaning with the stars

On the evening of Saturday June 20, 2020, at 4:44pm CDT, the Sun enters O degrees of Cancer, followed 6 hours later by the New Moon Solar Eclipse! The Summer Solstice initiates the start of the Summer season in the northern hemisphere.  It’s the day when we have the most daylight all year as the Sun travels its longest path through the sky. When the summer solstice happens in the Northern Hemisphere, the North Pole is tilted about 23.4° (23°27´) toward the Sun.

Astrologically, the summer solstice highlights cancer energy, what we nourish and cultivate in our lives as we begin the summer season of manifestation and growth. Summer is about the growing and blossoming of life, celebrating and enjoying the nutrients that give us joy and help us feel alive.  At the solstice, we celebrate the richness and fullness of life and the cleansing, strengthening light of the sun.  In astrology, Cancer represents the mother and the family story, where we put down roots and establish a sense of belonging. It is our emotional, feeling nature,  Cancer energy is quite sensitive and protective and can be easily overwhelmed, yet at its best Cancer is a receptive energy that asks how do I/we respond to what’s needed?  The Summer Solstice affords a timely energetic opportunity to do ritual, go inward, and connect with the divine feminine to recharge and restore our emotional energies and our sense of belonging in our own bodies and to inhabit our own stories.

Summer Solstice, aka the Cancer Ingress

This year’s Solstice is QUITE powerful and noteworthy since it occurs 6 hours prior to a New Moon Solar Eclipse at  0 degrees of Cancer!  This critical, first degree of Cancer is quite energizing and carries the symbolic energy of a sailor ready to hoist a new flag to replace an old one.  Eclipses serve to heighten, magnify and sometimes distort the energies expressing at the time, which in this case, are already heightened and magnified!

Transforming or overcoming fears of scarcity and depletion are major themes of this Solstice since all of the planets are traveling in a tight formation, known as a bowl configuration, with transformational Pluto retrograde leading the pack. This bowl configuration, although not quite as tight as the Spring Equinox bundle, is still pretty snug and represents a creative urge to break free from what’s familiar, safe and secure and express one’s self fully, but doing so requires great courage and willingness since the risk energetically or emotionally feels like “everything.”  To get out of one’s comfort zone and risk the current level of security without knowing if it will be replaced also requires faith.  There could be deep seated fear of depleting one’s energy or resources and five planets moving retrograde in their apparent motion, including Mercury and Venus, exaggerate the notion of not being able to move forward easily or well. Retrograde energies generally tend to be more beneficial for reflecting, waiting, reviewing, re-organizing and clearing.  For some, this tight formation with so much retrograde energy expressing, could suggest that it’s important and valuable to go inward to nourish and strengthen themselves, their home base, and tend to their essential well-being so that they can heal and recover before moving forward or outward.  Interestingly, the Solstice and Eclipse energies which both represent powerful points of change and initiation of new cycles – like the sailor raising a new flag- contrast with so much retrograde energy and this contrasting push/pull energy could ALSO symbolize a birthing process of something new.

Similarly, it’s noteworthy that both the Solstice and Eclipse occur in a challenging, uneasy quincunx (150 degree relationship) with responsible Saturn retrograde in early Aquarius. Once again the themes of withholding energy are emphasized as Saturn often contains lessons about deep seated fears and feelings of inadequacy that can cause us to hold back.  This quincunx reflects important questions currently stirring about belonging and fitting in and what constitutes family and community and how to play a part. Saturn in Aquarius represents both authentic needs for autonomy as well as responsibilities to the group, in addition to a tendency to withhold. It could be useful to remember that some who are not participating more fully in the group yet, might not believe or understand that they are worthy or have anything meaningful to offer.  Often Saturn needs a bit of time to wait, witness and prepare but once engaged can bring great discipline, dignity and perseverance to bear.  Saturn can also represent elders and it could be important for folks who are more senior to consider how they can contribute to the community or global family as well as for young people not to dismiss, or judge harshly, the value of elder’s perspectives and the sometimes more measured contributions of seniors.

Continued 2020 Summer Solstice Discussion:  This year’s Summer Solstice chart describes the major themes expressing for all of us for the next quarter and half of 2020, when we are likely to see surprising events that emanate from what is stirring now. The Summer Solstice affords us a genuine, energetic opportunity to do ritual, go inward, connect with divine feminine and inner wisdom.   

Even though much has already happened in 2020, this Summer Solstice followed shortly by such a magnifying event like the Eclipse suggests there is still much to unfold yet in 2020 — so it’s very important to keep up with self care and staying grounded.  Being gentle with ourselves and others whenever possible could be vitally important even as we pursue important goals.  Not to be melodramatic, but one of the recent times we had a Summer Solstice concurrent with a solar eclipse was in 2001 which, of course was pivotal in US history because it was the summer of  the 9/11 attacks.

Planet Mars also figures prominently in the chart of the Summer Solstice/Eclipse and contrary to planet Saturn, impatient Mars sometimes would have us do things before we’re ready while Saturn is very adept at waiting and watching and preparing. It seems these two energies could be at odds over the summer, although the need to proceed slowly, thoughtfully and methodically could align more closely with the serious energies of the corona virus and states re-opening; while Mars relates more noticeably with the civil unrest and outrage over the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, institutionalized racism, and excessive police violence against often unarmed, African Americans and people of color.  The Summer Solstice chart also contains the signatures of anger and outrage as warrior planet Mars is in strong and challenging relationships with the solstice and eclipse energies, indicating that protests could continue and define the Summer of 2020.  Luckily, brave and militant Mars also forms supportive relationships with protective, beneficial Jupiter and powerful, unrelenting Pluto in determined Capricorn, indicating there can be profound structural change, justice, expanded opportunity and economic protections for the broader population.  Indeed, Mars in Pisces represents the courage and fight both by and for those who have been under-served, under-represented and made invisible or victimized.  Again, since Pisces energy is the spiritual consciousness of all-ness, compassion and inclusion, its expression through energetic Mars connecting with massive Jupiter and potent Pluto suggests that structural change that is real, meaningful and lasting can happen.

As I’ve said before and as we discussed in greater detail in January 2020 Astrology Talk  we are all still reverberating from January’s PROFOUND Saturn-Pluto conjunction in restrictive Capricorn which correlates with FOUNDATIONAL CHANGE and endings IN THE MAJOR STRUCTURES and institutions and systems of our lives, our societies, governments, workplace, health care, etc – think of just about any major construct in the life of an individual, a neighborhood, or a society and they’ve all been under massive stress and pressure to evolve. Saturn and Pluto continue to travel closely together in the sky this summer, along with magnifier Jupiter.  There is so much that can be said about these energies, which represent a turbo-charged call for us to align with the power of our intentions, integrity, and our sense of deep purpose, in challenging, demanding and invigorating ways. THE GOOD NEWS: is much old energy is available to be healed and transformed as we complete these cycles in preparation for new systems and energies that are coming in the weeks and months ahead as three of these planets move from traditional Capricorn to innovative, future-oriented Aquarius this year!  Pluto will move into Aquarius in March 2023, shortly after the spring equinox, so we will likely be involved in massive shifts for some time to come.

How will you engage with these profound summertime energies of 2020?

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