Chicago Corporate & Private Events Psychic

Chicago Corporate & Private Events Psychic

Therese has resumed in-person readings

at Events And for Private Readings!

Therese also provides Psychic Tarot Card Readings at virtual events and zoom parties of all kinds! Birthday Parties, Graduations, Cocktail parties, corporate team-building events and more! She also provides Phone and Virtual Private Readings. Please contact for rates and availability. Easy to set up on Zoom or Skype. Will consider other virtual platforms upon request.


Psychic Entertainment
for Corporate & Private Events

Professional Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader

No two readings are the same, but the one thing they share in common is people love having them! People have enjoyed my psychic tarot card readings at events throughout the Chicago area since 1998.

Intuitive readings add a “special dimension” to all kinds of events: birthday parties, corporate events, bachelorette parties, trade shows, mitvahs, halloween parties, client appreciation, employee functions, women’s gatherings, picnics and holidays.  My services contribute fun and memorable insights to your guests’ experience

At events, I offer individual psychic tarot card readings since they are the most conducive to accurate, insightful mini-readings. My work is beloved at many events and I’m accustomed to providing multiple readings per hour. My social skills are excellent and I treat customers with kindness, good humor, courtesy and respect. I’m also discreet, tactful and sensitive which customers really appreciate when they have their tarot card readings.

The set-up is quick and easy and the memories last a lifetime.  My psychic tarot card services are often the most popular attraction at an event –without detracting from any other activities–which makes them an ideal addition to so many types of gatherings.

I can dress professionally or in costume, upon request.

Here’s what people say about Therese’s private readings & Event Services: Click Here to Read the Raves!

Therese is a Member of these

Professional Organizations

The American Tarot Association
The American Federation of Astrologers
The Friends of Astrology, Inc.
The International Society for Astrological Research

Therese has provided Psychic Entertainment

for these Organizations

Neiman Marcus
DePaul University
East Bank Club
The Chicago Bulls
The University of Chicago
Sisley Cosmetics
Borders Bookstores
Lakeshore Country Club
Advocate Illinois Charitable Events
Chicago Management Group
Vivo Restaurant
Illinois Institute of Technology
Tizi Melloul Restaurant
Sushi Samba
Harper College
The Kit Kat Lounge and Supper Club
McGee’s and Bar 1 Productions
The University of Illinois at Chicago
Partners in Wellness
BP Amoco
Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce
Arthur Murray Dance Studios
The Bright Group
Wm. Wrigley Jr., Co.

Book Therese’s Psychic Readings for your next Party or Event

There are as many reasons to hire Therese’s psychic tarot card readings as there are parties. Sometimes people want to try something new or different. Sometimes they’ve had readings with Therese at parties before and they know how spot-on and popular her readings are.

Therese offers psychic services and entertainment throughout Chicagoland, including these cities: Chicago, IL | Buffalo Grove, IL | Evanston, IL | Glencoe, IL | Highland Park, IL | Lake Forest, IL | Lincolnshire, IL | Long Grove, IL | Northbrook, IL | Northfield, IL | Wilmette, IL

Chicago Neighborhoods: Andersonville | Lincoln Square | Lake View | Lincoln Park | Roscoe Village | Wicker Park

If Questions Come Up:

  • Each guest receives their own individual, psychic tarot card reading –couples sometimes like to get a joint reading about their relationship. I use tarot cards when providing psychic readings at parties since tarot cards are very conducive to accurate, insightful, mini-readings – whether in person or remote!

    When I read tarot cards, I’m also channeling and sharing information and insights from various angelic, astrological, intuitive, feeling and energetic realms. I often receive visual images and particular words, phrases, or examples for the individual or their situation, which I share and weave into the reading.  So, even though I speak in a friendly, conversational style about what “the cards are telling me,” my readings offer A LOT more than a mere description or interpretation of cards.

  • Almost invariably, any guests who are unsure, or even skeptical, about having their psychic tarot card readings at parties will choose to have a reading once they see how much the other guests are enjoying the experience.

    Ironically, it’s often the guests who claim to be the biggest skeptics that can’t seem to stay away from my table and are the most impressed and pleased with the experience of their mini-readings. They quickly go from being unsure to saying things like “you’re completely blowing me away!  I can’t believe it!  You really nailed it!”

  • Every reading is unique–yet the focus of my readings is usually on the next 6-12 months of a person’s life.  Occasionally, information comes through during a reading that seems to describe future potentials more distant than the next 12 months.

    It’s also useful to keep in mind that readings take place in the present moment — where all the creative power is.

  • Each reading offers information, insights, and discussion of universal human themes that can be interesting and fun to know about — rather than statements to believe in. Tarot Cards are a tool and the psychic tarot card readings I offer are not connected to any religion or particular belief system.  There is an interconnectedness to all of life and my readings offer descriptions of personal energetic “weather” forecasts, focusing on personal energetic “weather” patterns or cycles which can sometimes shift and change — none of the information described is set in stone.  Guests are always free to take or leave the information presented as they see fit.

    Guests can also consider the readings to be “psychic entertainment” which can help them keep an open mind to listen to the information, enjoy the discussion of the energies, hold onto their own personal agency, discernment, and freedom of choice — and have fun at the party!

  • I genuinely strive to be as positive and uplifting as possible when presenting information – that’s important to me. Whenever possible, I’d like the readings to be empowering for people.  People often say they’re delighted, impressed, grateful, fascinated, affirmed, moved, or blown away by the readings and feel that they are “spot on.”  Please check out Google reviews for current feedback from clients.  

    Life is about cycles– some are wonderful and harmonious while some are more challenging — that’s true for everyone. My job is to tune in, make contact with the messages that are coming through in the moment and to communicate them as clearly as  possible. My intention is to be honest, kind and compassionate in presenting the information. Often the messages come through with good humor. I don’t withhold information, but it does matter to me how I present it, so that it’s more likely to be heard with the heart and understood with the mind. After all, it’s a party and we all want people to have a good time!

Please email with any other questions.

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