Announcement, Free Meditation Gift and Post Eclipse Discussion!

total solar eclipses

Announcement, Free Meditation Gift and Post Eclipse Discussion!

Announcement, Free Meditation Gift and Post Eclipse Discussion! 628 354 webmaster

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Announcement!  Next astrology Talk:  Wed 9/20/17 from  7-9pm at Unity in Chicago

This is the 4th Talk in my 2017 Astrology Discussion Series and we’ll be looking at the exciting and transformative astrology energies that are expressing this Fall and how these energies relate to YOU so that you can connect with them more consciously to CO-CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT.  Co-creating your life in harmony with spiritual energy is often easier when we pay attention to the messages and themes mirrored to us in the movements of the planets in our solar system.

You do not need to know how to speak astrology in order to benefit from Therese’s talk about these messages and themes!

This timely talk takes place on the day of the New Moon in Virgo, with the Moon moving forward through Libra, 2 days before the Fall Equinox!


What will you learn at the 9/20/17 talk? 

The healing opportunities of the new Moon and Equinox and how to connect with the continuing promise of this Summer’s magnificent Eclipse! There’s so much going on in the cosmos – I’m still adding timely topics most relevant to you and your soul’s evolving journey!

Purchase Tickets: $20.00

Unity Chicago: 1925 W Thome Ave, Chicago, IL 60660 (773) 973-0007
Free parking lot!  air-conditioned Library on first floor.


Will there be a video available of the 9/20/17 talk afterward?

We don’t know yet if the videographers will be available that evening. So, please be sure to buy a ticket and attend the event. You won’t want to miss this exciting astrology discussion!



How can I keep in touch with you and your upcoming public events until then?

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Free Meditation Gift!

In honor of the Total Solar Eclipse on Monday 8/21/17, I’ve felt inspired to share this free meditation with you.  It can be used YEAR ROUND to help connect with the area in the body where NO FEAR exists!  I call it the Blue Flame Meditation and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

This meditation came to me, and through me, intuitively while on a Saturn walk this summer and, even though I was the channel through which it came,  I hesitate to call it mine.  When I channel energies and information, they come through me from a power greater than I am.  And, in the interest of being clear, I wasn’t taught or given this meditation from anyone else, although many years ago, I first heard of this point of “no fear” in the body from another source.



Post Eclipse Discussion!

How long will this summer’s eclipse affect you?

The energy of the Total Solar Eclipse of 8/21/17 will have ongoing effects for weeks, months and possibly even years after the eclipse which will take time to assimilate and integrate.


How does the Eclipse energy get reactivated?

The eclipse point of 29 degrees Leo, the sign of love, creativity, joy, celebration, expression and play, will be reactivated by the movements of the Moon, Sun and other planets periodically and WE ALL have 29 degrees of Leo, symbolized as a mermaid rising from the ocean! somewhere in our astrology charts.

For example, planet Mercury which is associated with communications and information, while appearing to move retrograde, will travel near action planet Mars from Sept1- Sept 4, 2017 AND BOTH WILL PASS THROUGH AND REACTIVATE THE ECLIPSE DEGREE of 29 Leo– as Mercury prepares to station and turn direct in its apparent motion from the point of view of the Earth!  Yes, that’s a mouthful and a lot of energy stirring!!


How can I find out more about what all of this means for me?

The best way to find out how the eclipse energy and its ongoing reactivations connect with your energy specifically, is to schedule an intuitive reading (using Tarot Cards or Astrology).


What the heck are Mercury retrograde cycles, and why are they useful to know about, in plain English?

For more description of what Mercury retrograde cycles are, please visit the brief, informative videos posted on the PRIVATE READINGS page of my website.


Where can I hear more about these comments and energies?

You can hear more about the magical symbolism of the mermaid rising from the ocean, as well as, full astrology discussion of this important eclipse AND additional reactivation dates occurring this Fall AND what the Eclipse means for all of us AND how you can connect with its ongoing energy in a very conscious way, by tuning into the video from the talk I gave on 7/23/17 here in Chicago.…/


When is the next Total Solar Eclipse occurring over the United States?

As you’ve probably already heard, there will be another Total Solar Eclipse passing over the United States and parts of Mexico and Canada on April 8, 2024 — and the Eclipse in 2024 also occurs in an astrological fire sign during a Mercury retrograde cycle!  Yes, in our western astrology system, the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 will occur in the fiery sign of Aries which is the sign of the brave, independent, pioneer — as well as the impatient adolescent.  In fact, the Sun and Moon will be joined by Mercury retrograde, Venus, and Chiron in Aries that day.  Stay tuned, I’m sure we’ll be talking about this next eclipse in the not too distant future!

Here’s a link to an interesting article on the April 2024 Eclipse from

And here’s an image showing the intersection of the 2 Total Solar Eclipse paths over the United States –in Southern Illinois!


total solar eclipses