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Why Feature Psychic Readings at Your Next Event

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Why hire someone to provide psychic readings at your event?

So many reasons! In fact, there are as many reasons for hiring a professional psychic to provide readings at your event as there are events and people planning events. People hire psychics because it’s unique, fun, cool and interesting. Sometimes people want to try something new or different–or they’ve had readings with me at parties before and they know how informative, spot-on and popular readings can be.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions from my clients who are planning parties and their guests. My responses are based on 22 years of experience providing authentic intuitive readings at events and parties. Enjoy!


What do you offer for parties, what does it entail?

Each guest receives their own individual, intuitive reading –couples sometimes like to get a joint reading about their relationship. I use tarot cards when providing psychic readings at parties since tarot cards are very conducive to accurate, insightful mini-readings. Tarot cards also work really well because they’re beautiful to look at and they give guests a way to interact with the experience by touching the cards.

When I read tarot cards, I’m also channeling and sharing information and insights from various angelic, astrological, intuitive, feeling and energetic realms. I often receive visual images to share and a great deal of auditory information- words, phrases and descriptions – to weave into the reading from the various realms. So, even though I often say things in a friendly, conversational style about what “the cards are telling me,” my readings offer a lot more than a mere description or interpretation of cards.


I know that most of my guests and I will love having readings, but I’m not sure if ALL of my guests will be into it.

Very often the guests who are unsure, or even skeptical, about having readings at parties decide to have a reading once they see how much the other guests are enjoying the experience.

Ironically, it’s often the guests who claim to be the biggest skeptics or “who don’t really believe in this stuff” that can’t seem to stay away from my table and are the most impressed and pleased with the experience of their mini readings.

In fact, I had this experience again, just the other day. A guest made a big fuss and announced how he was a complete skeptic and wasn’t even sure why he was sitting down for a reading. I assured him that it was ok to be skeptical, since “belief is not required” and that he was free to take or leave the information offered in the reading as he saw fit.  Sure enough, a minute or two into the reading, his entire facial expression softened and his eyes widened dramatically. He listened a bit more and then said, “you’re completely winning me over with this. I can’t believe it!” At the end of the reading he said, loudly, that he was “completely blown away!” and couldn’t thank me enough for the insights.

Therese Murphy tarot card readings

I’m curious about what you would say, but I’m not sure I believe in this stuff:  

Your mini reading can offer information that can be interesting to know about more so than statements to believe in. Tarot is a tool and the intuitive readings I offer aren’t connected to any religion or other belief system. My readings are much more like looking at personal energetic “weather” forecasts, describing personal energetic weather patterns or cycles — and none of the information described is set in stone. A person doesn’t need to “believe in” the weather in order to consult a radar; and sometimes weather patterns move or change over time.

Sometimes people consider the readings as “entertainment” which helps them keep an open mind to listen to the information and derive value or meaning from what’s shared as they see fit.

These distinctions can help set a more neutral tone and workable context for people so they can enjoy the discussion of the energies during their readings, hold onto their own discernment and freedom of choice — and have fun at the party!


Do the readings focus on the past or the future?

Every reading is unique and has some correlation with a person’s own level of awareness about their lives and choices and experiences. Most of the readings that I provide at parties contain some mixture of past and present information –yet the focus of my mini-readings is usually on the next 12 months or so of personal weather information. The past sometimes reveals itself in general, or specific, ways during a reading and so can a varying assortment of future potentials which might be present at a given time. And, sometimes information comes through about energies that seem further into the future than the next 12 months.

While it’s true that past experiences can color or influence present situations, the past tends to come up in readings to the extent that it takes up bandwidth in a person’s present life experience. If the past isn’t highlighted specifically in your reading, I trust it’s because life would not have us focus there for your messages. It’s also useful to keep in mind that readings take place in the present moment — where all the creative power is.


I think it would be fun, but I don’t want to know anything bad, or alternatively, I want you to tell me everything. Don’t leave anything out. 

I genuinely strive to be as positive and uplifting as possible when presenting information – that’s important to me. Whenever possible, I’d like the readings to be empowering for people.  It’s a common misconception that a reading will be, or should be, shocking or over the top, in some way –although people are often delighted, impressed, surprised, enthralled, affirmed, moved, or blown away by the readings and feel that they are “spot on.”

Life is about cycles– some wonderful, harmonious or easy and some are more challenging — that’s true for everyone. My job is to tune in, make contact with the messages that are coming through in the moment and to communicate them as clearly as possible. My intention is to be honest, kind and compassionate in presenting the information. Often the messages come through with good humor. I don’t withhold information, but it does matter to me how I present it, so that it’s more likely to be heard with the heart and understood with the mind. After all, it’s a party and we all want people to have a good time!


Please feel free to contact me directly with any other questions or comments.