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2018 Uranus in Taurus

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Discussion – Planet Uranus is changing signs! – Why is this SUCH a big deal?

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What’s cooking in the cosmos these days?

Planet Uranus is changing signs from fiery, impatient, independent, and often, argumentative Aries to earthy, steady, strong and determined Taurus on, Tuesday May 15, 2018 at 6:48am CT.  Uranus is an outer planet that spends approximately 7 years in one sign of the zodiac, so the last time Uranus moved through the sign of Taurus was from 1934-1942.  This planetary energy has not expressed itself in this sign for 76 years!

…… This is indeed a powerful shifting of gears in both the consolidation and continued disruption of our current energetic cycle!


Planet Uranus and the Sign of Taurus are VERY different energies with very different evolutionary themes and strategies.  In my astrology talk of January 2018, I outlined many of the key components of these two energies and gave some profound examples of how they combined to express during the 1930’s.   Check out this video excerpt to hear more and to start to get a  feel for this next 7 year cycle that we’re all* experiencing


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In many ways, Uranus is the planetary energy that’s most associated with CHANGE AND FREEDOM– often sudden, revolutionary and unpredictable –while Taurus is invariably voted the sign least likely to change.  Left to its own devices, Taurus will change… sometimes, maybe, but usually quite slowly and deliberately and only when it makes good sense to change.  Its earthy, sensual sensibilities prefer slower paced routines, predictability and familiar repetition — all of which are basically anathema to Uranus.

Uranus represents the sensibilities of a rascal, or court jester, who abhors pretense and convention and uses creative and inventive means to disrupt the status quo and bring liberating release to any repressed energies or restricted systems.  It is impersonal and often unrestrained in who or what it will effect — anything that is not expressing from its essential authenticity could be fair game for a shake up or a wake up call from Uranus.

*This massive energetic shift is not limited to those people who were born under the sign of Taurus — everyone has Taurus energy in their charts somewhere.

Where will you notice this energy expressing in your life and in the world?

The effects of Uranus moving through Taurus will express in all of the personal, societal, and collective arenas most associated with the domains of Taurus: earth itself, nature and agriculture, the environment, the physical body, the senses, financial economies, and basic, core human values to name a few!

This 7 year shift also opens up the possibilities of the highest and best expressions of these two energies, some of which are mentioned in the above video excerpt.  The innovation and community spirit of Uranus combines with the practical, hard-working, kindness of Taurus to do the foot-work of finding solutions to much of what was disrupted in the previous 7 year cycle, especially while Saturn and Uranus continue to move in their cooperative relationship in earth signs — we discussed much more of Saturn/Uranus combined energies in January and will likely revisit this in next talk on June 24th.

Would you like to engage more consciously with these opportunities to change and become more authentic in these important areas of your life over the next 7 years?

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When is the next Astrology Talk?  Sunday, June 24, 2018 from 1-3pm at Unity in Chicago  We will talk more about Uranus in Taurus then!

In these talks, we look at the amazing and powerful planetary energies expressing and the major themes of the NOW and how these energies and themes relate to YOU so you can connect to CO-CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT.

Attendees also receive hand-outs with astro-aligned homework questions for their SOUL!

Video discussion from the complete talk in January on the major energies of 2018

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