Discussion – Spring Alive – New beginnings!

Discussion – Spring Alive – New beginnings!

Discussion – Spring Alive – New beginnings! 1280 853 webmaster

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What’s cooking in the cosmos these days?

On the morning of Friday, April 5th, the Moon and Sun joined together in the sky initiating the New Moon Cycle in Aries which also heralds the start to the astrological year. And, previously, on Wednesday, March 20, 2019, we experienced the Spring Equinox, which officially signaled the start of Spring in the northern hemisphere. During the equinox, the Sun shines directly on the equator, creating almost exact equality in the length of light between day and night. The Equinox occurred at the exact same moment around the world, and looking toward the horizon, the sun rises directly in the east and sets directly in the west, whereas at other times in the year, the Sun appears off-center if you’re facing those directions.


Astrology, the Spring Equinox, and the New Moon in Aries – NATURE’S New Year

This year’s Equinox and Spring New Moon in Aries carry their own distinctive, promising, and challenging energies and set the tone for the next 12 months and suggest guidelines for what to focus on for at least the next quarter, until the summer solstice.

Since this year’s equinox occurred during a Mercury retrograde cycle, which officially completed on March 28th, in many ways, we were still moving behind the scenes to wrap up already existing projects and priorities that seemed to be dragging on — demanding more of us than we anticipated.

So, today’s New Moon in Aries affords us a genuine, energetic opportunity to start our year.  This is a natural time to set goals and declare our intentions for the next 12 months – to plant seeds and begin again.  And this year especially, our heart’s desires are truly awakening to align with both the power of our intentions and our sense of deep purpose, as the Sun and the Moon connect with serious Saturn and potent Pluto in challenging, demanding and invigorating ways.  Also, notably this Spring, revolutionary planet Uranus is now travelling through steady Taurus terrain (for the next seven years) allowing us to embrace change in ways that are a bit more wise, patient and considered.

And, while our sense of individuality and uniqueness are revving up to tackle life head on this Spring, the checking presence of mature Capricorn planets suggest that there could be stiff penalties for rash, short-sighted, or unrealistic choices this year, while 3 planets in Pisces better equip us with self compassion, awareness of others, and creative imagination for the journey forward.  Additional benefits of these planetary combinations include real invitations to develop our individual strength while accurately understanding its limits.  We can progress more consistently, strategically, and methodically through our goals and we can streamline and eliminate waste or excess to make way for new energies and opportunities that are also seeking our attention, courtesy of planet Jupiter!

So how will you engage with these springtime energies of 2019?

How to learn more about the unfolding energies of 2019 and what they mean for you individually?  email Therese@theresemurphy.com to schedule your appointment for a private reading.

When is the next Astrology Talk?

Soon! We’re in the process of setting the date for mid-year talk in Sumer 2019.

In these talks, we look at the amazing and powerful planetary energies expressing and the major themes of the Now and how these energies and themes relate to YOU so you can connect to CO-CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT.

Attendees also receive hand-outs with astro-aligned homework questions for their SOUL!

Video discussion from the most recent talk in January on the major energies of 2019  https://www.theresemurphy.com/2019-astrology-forecast-change-is-good/

How can you hear more about these energies and what they mean for you individually?  email Therese@theresemurphy.com to schedule your appointment for a private reading.

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