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2023 Summer Solstice – Nourishing and Living

2023 Summer Solstice – Nourishing and Living 3024 4032 Therese Murphy

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Context: The archetypal symbols of astrology have been around for millenia and, basically, astrology is a language that helps us map and understand our connections with the energy of a living universe.  Astrology allows us to track archetypal human experiences and knowable life cycles.

In other words, the planets are not in charge, and do not cause or compel us to do anything. The same divine intelligence that created us also created the planets in our solar system.  Perhaps the best way to consider how astrology works is, when we look up into the sky at the planets, asteroids and key points in our solar system, it’s like looking into a giant cosmic mirror, reflecting our human experiences, energetic cycles, and evolution back to us.

The 2023 Summer Solstice occurs on the morning of Wednesday, June 21 when the Sun enters O degrees of Cancer, at 9:58 am CT.  The Summer Solstice initiates the start of the Summer season in the northern hemisphere. It’s the day when we have the most daylight all year as the Sun travels its longest path through the sky.

At Summer Solstice, the North Pole is tilted about 23.4° (23°27´) toward the Sun.

Summer Solstice, aka the Cancer Ingress: 

Astrologically, the Summer Solstice highlights Cancer energy, what we nourish and cultivate in our lives as we begin the summer season of manifestation and growth.  Summer is about the growing and blossoming of life, celebrating and enjoying the nutrients that connect us to one another and help us feel safe and alive. At the solstice, we celebrate the richness and fullness of life and the cleansing, strengthening light of the Sun.  In astrology, Cancer represents the mother and the family story, where we put down roots and establish a sense of belonging. It is our emotional, feeling nature, Cancer energy is quite sensitive, vulnerable, and protective. At times, Cancer energy can be easily overwhelmed, yet at its best Cancer is a receptive, nurturing and tenacious energy that considers how best to respond to what’s needed.

This critical, first degree of Cancer is quite energizing and carries the symbolic energy of a sailor ready to hoist a new flag to replace an old one.  Generally, the Summer Solstice affords a timely, energetic opportunity to go inward, to recharge and restore our emotional energies and our sense of belonging in our own bodies and “families” and to inhabit our own stories.

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Each year’s Summer Solstice chart describes the major energetic themes for the next quarter as well as the second half of the year, when we’re likely to see developments that emanate from what is expressing and stirring at this time.

Read More about THIS YEAR’S SOLSTICE chart which contains several noteworthy aspects that give it unique significance and meaning.

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This year’s summer Solstice features energies that are more agreeable, in some ways, than last year’s Solstice energies, as the Sun forms a magical septile relationship with buoyant Jupiter and a harmonious trine with stable Saturn.  Like all astrological configurations, these energies can express both positively and negatively, but among other things, these combinations will tend to support and nurture: wise and prudent creative adventures; learning and healing through music, art, and grounded mystical practices like yoga and qi gong; expanded, practical application of ethical compassion; exploration of the world’s wisdom traditions; responsible economic development of sustainable food sources and supply chain systems; and travel for exploration of natural beauty.  These planetary energies, expressing through the caring and sincere signs of Cancer, Taurus and Pisces encourage us to spend time in nature, art, and music, and to travel to settings which help to regenerate and restore balance to overworked nervous systems.  These energies favor the consistent embrace of simple, healthy, heart-centering, activities to alleviate daily stresses and to move us forward on our paths to be who we were born to be during this lifetime. On a more challenging note, these energies also correlate with continued expressions of the increasingly magnified consequences of the global climate, food shortage, and immigration crises.

Meanwhile, there are much more fun-loving and flamboyant energies expressing in the solstice chart. The notable and dramatic Leo energies rising in the East shine with playfulness and vitality. Full of love for life itself, even the most restrained of souls could feel the call to celebrate, dance, show off a talent, decorate something, or even dress a bit more colorfully. For many, this will be a time for expressing love and joy – artistically, athletically, or romantically, as the Moon in Leo travels near the lively conjunction of Venus and Mars – which also connects with chatty Mercury in witty Gemini. These proud and outgoing energies favor performing, enjoying life, connecting, and communicating in general, and could also help writers, photographers, and artists to go on a creative tear. These energies also suggest that the start to summer could be filled with especially BIG, dramatic or “theatrical” news of various kinds – especially since the Moon in fiery Leo squares exuberant Jupiter, while assertive Mars squares unpredictable and sometimes chaotic Uranus. Ideally, these highly energized squares could correlate with unexpected opportunities or breakthroughs on exciting creative goals, but they could also correlate with over-reaching, over-indulgence, recklessness, or even volcanic outbursts or behavior.

Like last year, the Solstice Sun in Cancer connects with potent Pluto and nebulous Neptune in challenging ways, which could heighten reactivity, or willfulness, especially if we’re feeling thwarted or frustrated in some way. Living with long term ambiguity isn’t easy and these energies remind us that taking things one day at a time, with even occasional willingness to adjust and face forward into the unknown, are important strategies for connecting to the deeper flow of life that will carry us forward and reveal what’s needed at the right time. These planetary energies suggest that there will be opportunities, sprinkled throughout our lives, to move on, and discard or de-clutter, as we continue the sometimes mysterious process of healing, transforming and becoming stronger. Neptune in Pisces and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn still form an easy relationship in this year’s solstice chart, suggesting that we can persevere through the discomfort and uncertainty of these times with our compassion and dignity in tact.

Ultimately, this year’s solstice chart contains powerful reminders that the Cancer time of year is about nurturing the processes that help create a sense of belonging and allow us to grow and evolve — and that our primary job is to LIVE life, not necessarily to figure it out, or do it right.

How will you engage with these important summertime energies of 2023?

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