Winter Solstice and December 2020 – Big Change!

Winter Solstice and December 2020 – Big Change!

Winter Solstice and December 2020 – Big Change! 927 1236 webmaster

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There’s a lot of Important Energy Changing in December 2020!

In many ways this year’s Winter Solstice Energies help to usher in the start of the Aquarian Age after 2,160 years of the age of Pisces – this is HUGE!!

Many powerful changes are accentuated this year, right at the already auspicious and powerful time of the Winter Solstice, so I will use the Solstice chart of December 21, 2020 at 4:03am CST as the framework for discussing these important and exciting energies!  Before getting to that however, it’s really fascinating to note that on 12/14/20, the day that the states’ electors cast their votes for the US election, there is a new moon solar eclipse at 23 degrees of Sagittarius. Through most of US History, electors casting their votes was a routine and barely even noted procedure – always important but usually unremarkable — yet in the year where this process has been heightened with drama, the cosmos is also intensified – as it is above, so it is below, and vice versa.   Typically, a powerful new moon ushers in a new and noteworthy cycle of change and “new beginnings” so in the current context, it’s reasonable to think that the electors will cast their votes as required and in accordance with their norms and higher ideals (Sagittarius) to confirm the election of a new president; yet that doesn’t mean the day will pass entirely without confusion (square to Neptune) or without protest or perhaps even violence (Mars square Pluto).  Not surprisingly, these energies seem to suggest that the current president will not likely admit defeat and will continue to peddle false conspiracy theories while inciting intense behavior from his followers.

The winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year and the start of the winter season in the northern hemisphere. Listen to my brief video to hear more about the significance of the winter solstice in general.  Celebrated around the globe in various traditions, the solstice can be a wonderful time for ritual to honor the moment and 2020 could be an especially gratifying year to welcome in new energy at this auspicious time.  Even a few moments of prayer, meditation, or a few notes of gratitude written in a journal could help welcome in these new and changing energies and could help bring individuals into greater alignment with their inner wisdom and creative spiritual source. Each day after the solstice grows a bit longer and gradually increases in light!

The Great Conjunction

It’s been 615 years since the Great Conjunction occurred in the future-oriented sign of Aquarius, so this particular 20 year cycle represents a sea change type of transition between one age of human existence and another. So, for everyone who’s been clamoring for change during this difficult year of 2020, the movements of the planets certainly seem to suggest that your wish is being granted!

Two very significant differences in THIS year’s Solstice energy are Jupiter and Saturn.  Both planets will have freshly moved out of difficult and austere Capricorn terrain into friendlier, community oriented Aquarius terrain only days prior to the Solstice, to come together exactly for the first time in 20 years in what as known as the great conjunction.  The conjunction of these two giants in the solar system ushers in a new 20 year sociopolitical cycle that affects global, societal, geopolitical, economic and governmental systems in profound ways. This year’s great conjunction takes place in the very first degree of the egalitarian, logical, innovative AIR sign of Aquarius– signifying yet another momentous shift.  For most of the last 200 years, the 20 year Great Conjunction has taken place in grounded, deliberate Earth signs. Interestingly, planet Uranus, which correlates strongly with the sign of Aquarius will still travel through the consummate Earth sign of Taurus for 6 more years and Venus, the ruler of Taurus, leads the planetary formations at the time of the solstice in dynamic, creative ways while also forming a challenging relationship with Uranus in Taurus.  This combination suggests unexpected alliances and the benefits of being flexible and spontaneous especially when confronted with “detours”certainly through the holiday season and through the next Spring Equinox.  This powerful, leader of the parade expression of Venus in Sagitarrius, during the solstice also makes an incredibly magical relationship with the energy of  the Great Conjunction itself ! suggesting there is no real match for faith, positive belief in ourselves, and the embrace of life as a meaningful adventure as we move forward in this amazing transitional time.

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Meanwhile, potent dwarf planet Pluto remains in Capricorn, traveling through this serious, responsible Earth sign for 3 more years, suggesting that we will need to  continue to apply ourselves to the hard work and responsibilities of transforming ourselves, our lives, and the systems in which we find ourselves with as much integrity as possible.  The Moon and Neptune traveling closely together in Pisces contribute spiritual, compassionate energy to these Plutonian efforts to remake and re-imagine ourselves and our world as the old ways continue to dissolve; but they also suggest that we will still need to stand firm in the face of those who continue to misuse and wield power brazenly through misinformation, disinformation and outright deception.  Indeed, we’re not done with turbulence and tumult yet, as militant Mars in petulant Aries continues to assert itself in adolescent and strident ways against the traditional structures and institutions of power and government represented by Pluto in Capricorn. These vital structures and institutions should continue to hold up against absurd, regressive assaults, yet the harm is real from the ongoing and destructive efforts to bully, pillory, and steal power rather than let go and admit defeat.  On an individual level, each of us is likely to encounter anger and resentment at times, especially if/when we fear or resist the changes to the parts of our lives that life itself would have us turn over for transformation.  Frustration with these processes is natural, yet this is not a time to give up, even as we continue to give over and align with our inner wisdom or what some would call our highest good.

On December 16, stern, limit-setting, Saturn completes its 2.5-3.0 year passage through its home sign of strategic, methodical, responsible Capricorn and enters the sign of inventive, reform-oriented Aquarius for the first time since January 1994.  Before the discovery of unruly Uranus in 1781, Saturn was also considered to be the ruler of Aquarius and it can still be useful to appreciate Saturn in its dual roles as ruler of both traditional structures (Capricorn) and future structures (Aquarius).  In other words, Saturn is relatively comfortable traveling through the Aquarian part of the zodiac, and though its passage through unpredictable Aquarius terrain over the next 2.5–3.0 years will undoubtedly be disruptive at times, the disruption is unlikely to be without some purpose.

Three days later, on December 19,  giant Jupiter also completes its 12 month passage through restrictive Capricorn and moves into the brainy sign of Aquarius for the first time since October 2009.  For the next twelve months, buoyant, optimistic Jupiter travels through much more innovative terrain, inviting us to think and explore and implement options outside of the proverbial box.  Aquarian energies correlate with more spontaneous and experimental attitudes, as well as with discovery and application of alternative solutions.  They are far less bound by conventional, outdated methods and fear-based conservatism.  New research and technology can be used to solve massive global problems, even the most logistically complex.  Community based approaches are much more likely to be implemented during Aquarian cycles with emphasis on data driven equity.  Aquarian values highlight equality and freedom, science, logic, concern for humanity, and impersonal fairness.  A new era of civic-mindedness can spring to life and opportunities to participate and contribute will abound. These energies can usher in new systems of education and learning, and new ways of tackling old problems.  Innovation and technology can be utilized to create opportunities in many settings and will likely correspond with the installation of new or improved broadband in rural areas, important infrastructure projects and new jobs, among other things. While Capricorn energy loves to apply what it has learned from hard-earned experience, Aquarius energy loves the exciting prospect of discovery and change and therefore is eager to try new things and experiment. Capricorn understands the traditional, common sense dignity of respecting limits while Aquarius energy impatiently seeks to step beyond the bounds of what is familiar and known, both to explore and to include greater diversity of experience.

Aquarius energy contains contradictions in its embodiment of the archetypes of the quirky, intelligent, individualistic eccentric who is not so comfortable dealing with its own or others’ emotions yet cares altruistically about the varying needs and equality of its fellow members of society which is sometimes symbolized by the non-conformists or “hippies”  in its communities.  It is the discipline of Saturn moving through Aquarius that can fuel these brainy energies to organize movements of people in systemic change which benefits greater segments of the population including those who have been disenfranchised and unfairly, disproportionately, or traditionally prevented from holding power. The transit of Saturn through Aquarius can help to harness the willingness and necessity to be responsible and apply it to necessary and important societal reform; while the transit of Jupiter through Aquarius contributes the enthusiasm, optimism, confidence and faith to believe that change really is possible and that it can be exciting and rewarding to participate in creating new stories and new chapters of human experience.  Jupiter is inclusive, buoyant and generous in wanting to expand opportunities and good will to more people because of the joy of mutual empowerment and mutual success.  These energies recognize that “I win when we win” and “no one wins” when so many people are abused, abandoned, and left out while the Earth and her needs are greedily and recklessly destroyed.

These planetary energies signal that change and transition are here and many breakthroughs are possible with this much brilliant, innovative and freedom loving energy.  It’s important to remember that good results are not guaranteed simply because so many people are finally ready for change – and obviously not all change is good.  The more people who have a voice and participate and see themselves as part of a community of true and fair equals, the better.  Not everyone will contribute or participate in the same ways and it’s important during the times of Aquarius to consider reasonable ways to allow for and honor individual differences while simultaneously seeking greater levels of freedom and equity for everyone.  We are transitioning into the times of the round table, where each person can choose to contribute unique talents and concerns and needs to the whole.

At times, this much unpredictable Aquarian energy could rebel simply for the sake of change without any real game plan for the future.  Its high levels of innate intelligence and insight can grow arrogant and dismissive of others, reflexively thumbing its nose in impatient “smarter than thou” ways.  Negatively, Aquarian energy can be inconsistent and can fall into a tendency to quit and leave rather than follow through on implementing new systems after criticizing or breaking up the old ones.  Dysfunctional Aquarian energy can also get a bit too comfortable in its role as the outcast or perennial outsider, and risks losing important credibility or effectiveness if it seeks only to take pot shots at those who are in the arena doing the work.  Also, extreme logic and intellect devoid of human emotion or empathy can run cold or even turn nihilistic which can become hurtful or dangerous.

Yes indeed, this is a profoundly significant Solstice! and these energies correspond with major shifts and changes that reverberate and resonate for each of us in some area of our charts and our lives in 2021 and beyond.  Since the planetary movements in our solar system reflect our own human evolution back to us – think about looking in a giant cosmic mirror! – these energies are worth knowing about.

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