Chicago Tarot Card Readings

Chicago Tarot Card Readings

Therese has resumed in-person readings

at Events And for Private Readings!

Therese provides Psychic Tarot Card Readings at virtual events and zoom parties of all kinds! Birthday Parties, Graduations, Cocktail parties, corporate team building events and more! She also provides Phone and Virtual Private Readings. Please contact for rates and availability. Easy to set up on Zoom or Skype. Will consider other virtual platforms upon request.

Private Tarot Card Readings

Explore Your Questions in Greater Depth

A professional psychic providing guidance and clarity in Chicago

Private readings allow for more time to explore your questions in greater depth – including addressing multiple questions in one sitting. Astrology and tarot are two useful intuitive tools for exploring personal growth and reflection. What’s more, both are highly beneficial for discussing life cycles, patterns, and experiences.

Your private consultation is a subjective discussion of the symbols that are prevalent in the astrology chart or tarot cards at the time of the consultation.  You are welcome to ask questions, participate in, or disagree with the discussion as fits for you.

For many people, the discussion grants a sense of affirmation for the wisdom already held within. Therese Murphy has been providing private intuitive readings for customers locally and nationally for nearly 20 years.  She also is available for tarot card and astrology chart readings by phone or Skype.

Therese’s empathic, heart-centered readings are grounded in her deep, spiritual regard for each individual and the sacredness of each life’s journey.

Here’s what people say about their private readings with Therese: Click Here to Read the Raves!

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What’s Going on in the Cosmos?

Has Your Astrology Sign Changed?

Check it out and share abundantly! Therese has been contacted by mainstream media regarding a false story going around that says your astrology sign has changed. “Everywhere I go people ask me “what’s going on in the Cosmos?!” Apparently, y’all have not been following my Facebook posts these past few years! tsk, tsk 🙂

So in 2017, I decided to get back out there and start talking publicly about Astrology again.  Astrology is a magical, wonderful, challenging, and evocative language of universal energies which are always available for us to plug in with, and to dance and co-create with.  Also, as I explain in video excerpt #1, it’s important to remember that the planets are not in charge — they do not govern our behavior.  Energetically, they function more like giant cosmic mirrors reflecting our energy back to us. Here are some video excerpts from an earlier Talk on Venus Retrograde which are very relevant now since Venus turns retrograde in 2020 from May 13- June 25.  Please find more recent and FREE videos and discussion on my blog page. Read More

In video excerpt #1,  I describe what the language of Astrology is!

Special information about Venus: Did you know that Venus only “turns retrograde” once every 19 months — which is less frequently than most other planets in our solar system?  And when Venus turns retrograde, she moves closer to the Earth than at any other time in her orbit which starts a new 19 month cycle of love, connection and creativity!  Yes, On May 13, 2020 at 2:45am ET, her new cycle begins while she makes her transition from rising as the more reclusive evening star to rising as the more inclusive morning star.  So, May 12th – 13th are great days for rituals – aka – setting intentions to welcome a deeper connection with your heartfelt desires!

And did you also know that, when we observe Venus and her movements in the heavens, her synod, she traces a pattern in the sky in the shape of a flower?!  Check out her sacred geometry!  Yes, for my esoteric-minded friends — these movements are meaningful for your SOUL’s growth and evolution — not just your personality.  Check out these beautiful spiral patterns!  Some wisdom traditions suggest that’s how we can move from old paradigm consciousness to new paradigm consciousness — through magical, spiral dancing movements!

The very best way to learn more about the Venus retrograde cycle and movements of the planets in our solar system which reflect us back to us — is to have a private astrology reading of your own birth chart and current cycles.  Astrology is a vast and beautiful language, revealing the places where the cosmos and your energy intersect.  Based on the date time and place of your birth, your private astrology reading is a 90 minute reflection on YOU and your energy and how the current planetary cycles activate your energy.  Please use contact form to email for current rates and availability for this service.

You can also hear more about current astrological cycles and evolutionary themes on our blog page or attend one of Therese’s talks or upcoming webinars so that you can engage more fully with these beautiful archetypal themes and participate more fully in the transformative dance of life! Please use the contact form to add your name to Therese’s email list for upcoming talks, webinars, and events.


What is Astrology?

Hear astrologer Therese Murphy describe the archetypal language of astrology and the Venus retrograde cycle. Keep updated on the latest occurrences on our Daily Astrology Page and social media, see below.


What is the Mercury Retrograde?

Hear astrologer Therese Murphy explain the Mercury retrograde cycle for the layperson.  Mercury retrogrades typically occur 3 times per year for approximately 3 weeks, so it’s useful to know about them (specific dates mentioned in these videos no longer apply).


Winter Solstice Video

Hear Astrologer Therese Murphy discuss the significance of the Winter Solstice in Astrology.  Some comments refer specifically to Winter Solstice energies of 12/21/2016.

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