Mercury Retrograde Cycles 2022-2023

Mercury Retrograde Cycles 2022-2023

Mercury Retrograde Cycles 2022-2023 150 150 Therese Murphy

In case it’s useful for planning, here are the upcoming dates for the Mercury retrograde cycles – don’t shoot the messenger!   #mercretro2023

12/29/22 – 1/18/23
4/21/23 – 5/14/23
8/23/23- 9/15/23
12/12/23 – 1/1/24

A Mercury Retrograde Cycle is neither intrinsically good nor bad.  It’s a 3 week cycle that occurs 3 or 4 times a year where the planet Mercury appears to be moving backward from the Earth’s vantage point.  So, here on planet Earth, matters related to Mercury’s domain, like information, communications, travel, and commerce, are often heightened and challenged in ways that make it hard for them to move forward smoothly.  Mercury retrograde cycles often correspond with unclear or frustrated communications and travel delays.

Often during Mercury retrogrades, clear perspective is lacking, needed information is missing, important details could be over-looked and delays, glitches or breakdowns occur.  Paying extra attention to details and allowing extra time for travel, meetings, errands and commitments can help decrease the stress of any delays or mix-ups.  Mercury retrogrades can also correspond with problems with devices and instruments of communication and travel.  Cars, computers, phones, appliances might act up or break down completely.  If you travel, allow extra time and reconfirm your reservations.  Consider going somewhere you’ve already been.

Issues or people from the past have an uncanny way of showing up during Mercury retrograde cycles.  Sometimes it’s useful to get another look at something that once was vexing to see how far we’ve come, but getting re-involved with the old dynamics, people, and situations is likely to yield the same result as before.

Mercury retrograde cycles aren’t considered ideal times to launch new communications or initiatives, sign contracts or make major purchases.  Some folks prefer to postpone those types of activities until after the retrograde in order to minimize the potential for miscues, glitches and revisions.

Mercury retrograde cycles are useful times for going through files, correspondence, and clutter to clear them out. And, since Mercury appears to be retracing its path through the heavens, it can be very beneficial to reflect, revisit, and review where we’ve been — It’s a great time to have a personal, intuitive reading to support your process of reviewing and reflecting and preparing for what’s next!