July 2024 Astrology Scoops – Expect the Unexpected!

July 2024 Astrology Scoops – Expect the Unexpected!

July 2024 Astrology Scoops – Expect the Unexpected! 150 150 Therese Murphy


We’re only a week away from July’s headline astrological event!  Planet Mars conjoins with planet Uranus on Monday July 15 at 9:05am CT.  These are very lively energies that often correspond with changes that seem to come from nowhere – the proverbial bolt from the blue!

Impatience and desire for change and freedom will continue to build all week long, and it could be wise to count ten or even 100 before reacting to irritations or frustrations.

Positively, these energies could bring breakthroughs and opportunities for advancement – even long-awaited change or overdue recognition.

Negatively, this combination could express in volatile or militant ways, perhaps unleashing some chaotic or rebellious energies.

Planet Mars is active and impatient. It can express assertively or aggressively. It can correspond with bold, courageous initiatives or  foolhardy, rash behavior.  Planet Uranus often expresses in unpredictable ways, seeking freedom and opportunities to explore authentic and unique ways of doing things.

Together, this combination can help to break through familiar routines, stagnant situations and conventional thinking!  This combination can be innovative and could form unusual alliances for the greater good of humanity or the larger community.  It’s also possible for this impetuous combination to shake things up that ought not be disturbed or to express as purely selfish, unthinking, or even tyrannical  behavior.

As usual, being aware of one’s self and setting some positive intentions can go a long way towards aligning with more beneficial experiences.  Try not to be too easily provoked and consider positive changes that you would like to see happen in your life. Use proper safety precautions — physically, emotionally etc. Pay attention and steer clear of danger zones, or reckless, or unruly behavior or rowdy crowds. Try to be flexible, and have a plan B, whenever possible. It’s also important to know your limits and when to walk away from reckless choices or immature taunts.


  • What would you do to better your life, if you were brave?
  • What groups would you like to join?
  • What would you like to try?
  • What new offerings would you like to explore?

** Healthy, Safe, Positive – please! **

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