2021 Summer Solstice Improving and Connecting with Strong Foundations

2021 Summer Solstice Improving and Connecting with Strong Foundations

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VIDEO:  Hear Intuitive Astrologer Therese Murphy discuss the meaning of the Summer Solstice AND the specific THEMES and OPPORTUNITIES of THIS year’s summer Solstice.  #SummerSolstice  #SummerSolstice2021.

For additional Solstice information, Read Therese’s full blog post below.

2021 Summer Solstice Video by Therese Murphy

Context: The archetypal symbols of astrology have been around for millennia and, basically, astrology is a language that helps us map and understand our connections with the energy of a living universe.  Astrology allows us to track archetypal human experiences and knowable life cycles.

In other words, the planets are not in charge and do not cause or compel us to do anything. The same divine intelligence that created us also created the planets in our solar system.  Perhaps the best way to consider* how astrology works is when we look up into the sky at the planets, asteroids, and key points in our solar system, it’s like looking into a giant cosmic mirror, reflecting our human experiences, energetic cycles, and evolution back to us.  Astrologers have been observing the movements of the planets for many millennia and witnessing the correlations between planetary movements and human experiences.  The planetary movements and our cycles of consciousness and growth are part of the SAME dance of life.  So, if we’re experiencing something here on earth, either as individuals or as societies, trained astrologers look up into the cosmic mirror and see those same energetic themes expressing in the movements of the planets.

* con sider is latin, meaning with the stars

The 2021 Summer Solstice occurs late in the evening of Sunday, June 20 when the Sun enters O degrees of Cancer, at 10:32 pm CT.  The Summer Solstice initiates the start of the Summer season in the northern hemisphere. It’s the day when we have the most daylight all year as the Sun travels its longest path through the sky. When the summer solstice happens in the Northern Hemisphere, the North Pole is tilted about 23.4° (23°27´) toward the Sun.

Astrologically, the Summer Solstice highlights Cancer energy, what we nourish and cultivate in our lives as we begin the summer season of manifestation and growth.  Summer is about the growing and blossoming of life, celebrating and enjoying the nutrients that connect us to one another and help us feel safe and alive. At the solstice, we celebrate the richness and fullness of life and the cleansing, strengthening light of the Sun.  In astrology, Cancer represents the mother and the family story, where we put down roots and establish a sense of belonging. It is our emotional, feeling nature, Cancer energy is quite sensitive, vulnerable, and protective. At times, Cancer energy can be easily overwhelmed, yet at its best Cancer is a receptive, nurturing, and very tenacious energy that asks how do I/we respond to what’s needed?

This critical, first degree of Cancer is quite energizing and carries the symbolic energy of a sailor ready to hoist a new flag to replace an old one.  The Summer Solstice affords a timely, energetic opportunity to do ritual, go inward, and connect with the divine feminine in order to recharge and restore our emotional energies and our sense of belonging in our own bodies and “families” and to inhabit our own stories. 

Summer Solstice, aka the Cancer Ingress

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Each year’s Summer Solstice chart describes the major energetic themes for the next quarter as well as the second half of the year when we’re likely to see developments that emanate from what is expressing and stirring at this time.

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THIS YEAR’S SOLSTICE Chart contains several noteworthy aspects which give it unique significance and meaning.  During this year’s summer solstice, planet Jupiter offers extra protection, support, and encouragement for building secure personal, emotional, home, and family foundations.  On the day of the Solstice, planet Jupiter stations to turn retrograde, joining 3 other retrograde planets. Station points are like cosmic exclamation points that really emblazon a moment with extra significance.  AND while the Sun moves into its solstice position, it also forms a special trine relationship with Jupiter in its station! This upbeat energy also offers increased faith and confidence to lean into our goals and point ourselves and our lives toward the horizon. If we do our part and tend to our responsibilities, then life is likely to open a path forward for us in ways that we can recognize and respond to. If a path does not open to pursuing a particular desire, then that goal might not be beneficial or essential for us at this time or it might simply need more time to percolate for a variety of reasons. Staying open and alert and continuing to really listen to our inner wisdom and continuing to scan the horizon and reflect on what we really want, will help to show us the way. Several key themes to facilitate progress for the remainder of this year are 1) to try not to take our blessings for granted and 2) to let go of unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others and 3) to take action on those projects and in the relationships that seem to be responding to us more easily. The downside of this combination isn’t necessarily too negative, but it could correlate with excess, sloth, or wastefulness.  Important opportunities could fall by the wayside if we don’t follow up on them in a timely fashion. The Sun and Jupiter suggest that this summer will be an interesting time of prioritizing enjoyment, planning travel, fun, and growth for the future but if we overdo the partying, we could lose the thread of growth or miss the bigger picture of what is actually ripe for change in our lives.

In general, many will find that we’re so much more ready and equipped for progress this summer than in 2020, as the astrological shape of the solstice chart is much less tight and restricted than last year’s chart – as it is above, so it is below and vice versa!  However, it’s also noteworthy that this year’s solstice chart contains a prominent fixed grand cross that suggests we must dig deep internally and strengthen ourselves and the important structures of our lives in order to set, or reset, a healthy and sustainable foundation for living. A fixed grand cross is a demanding configuration and suggests that we might really need to pay attention, especially to our own motivations and actions in order to make progress. Four prongs of very powerful planetary energies connect and pull and vie against each other, and ideally, none dominates and all must contribute. The prongs can help refine and put checks on each other to bring out what’s best and what’s needed, but there’s also the risk that they could cancel each other out or shut the others down somehow. Sometimes these types of strong and stubborn configurations are very productive and make it obvious that participation and cooperation are the best options since the alternative is tiresome and possibly destructive wrangling. In your life, you might notice various people or situations embodying or acting out one or more of these energetic players.

The Moon in passionate Scorpio drives this powerful configuration, building into opposition with unpredictable Uranus after first contacting the other 2 prongs. The Moon/ Uranus opposition suggests that any unexpected developments, though potentially upsetting or chaotic, could ultimately liberate us from people or situations that we’ve outgrown. Indeed, with Jupiter’s contribution of faith and vision, we might see that breakdowns precede breakthroughs and that there could be seeds for our good contained within the difficulty itself – or from our responses to the struggle. Thankfully, not everything unexpected is upsetting, and this combination could also serve as validation or fortification of deep desires and powerful human needs, along with the willingness to pursue them in healthy and often innovative ways. This energy could offer a certain, essential, audacity even for those who seem to have resisted taking risks in the past.  We begin to see more clearly that we’re all interconnected and that everyone needs support and we also realize that some of those more cautious folks actually needed more meaningful support, and were not necessarily lacking in courage. It’s also possible that we’ll begin to see solutions for long-standing problems emerge and that some of those solutions might actually stem from efforts over time that previously only yielded “character building” types of results.

A few hours before the Solstice, the Moon will first encounter Mars which could stir up anger, aggression, or impatience but could also activate good-hearted energy, generosity, excitement, humor, and desire for fun and celebration.  We might receive recognition and attention or, conversely, if we’re feeling ignored or minimized somehow, Mars in Leo might stir up our inner diva to speak up on our own behalf so we can be counted and included in the group. Mature Saturn in Aquarius occupies the opposite position from Mars, offering friendly, intelligent, insights and its detached energy could help temper any excessive pride. The Mars/Saturn opposition is the classic go/stop signature of the zodiac, one enthusiastically says “yes” and the other immediately responds with “no” yet ideally these two energies will both find room to express. The genuine, egalitarian, and community-mindedness of Saturn in Aquarius helps prevent any one person or situation from hogging the spotlight and can put a check on the sometimes, bellicose, braggadocious energy of Mars in Leo which might be inclined to showboat at the expense of the team.  The challenge of this Saturn placement however is a lack of tolerance, since it can be allergic to any display of child-like energy, ego, or jocularity and inclined to dismiss genuine exuberance as unintelligent, immature, or unworthy.  Excessive logic or arrogant, intellectual energy can really kill the buzz of a newly emerging inspiration and prevent a creative process from happening. However, the opportunity is to engage the wonderful, resourceful teacher that is Saturn in Aquarius since it might really be needed to applaud liveliness and recognize, foster, and help develop creative ideas. Treating boisterous ideas as opportunities to experiment, experience something new, and discover insights along the way can be great fun for all concerned, including for our inner know-it-all.

Planet Venus also figures prominently in this year’s solstice chart as it connects with both spiritual Neptune and powerful PlutoThese energies contribute compassion and creativity on the one hand and intensity and power struggles on the other.  As hard as we try, it could be hard to avoid competition, conflict, or drama, yet the bigger opportunity is to evolve or transform through the experience of some challenges. Neptune’s presence suggests there could be ways to pivot to gentler, more spiritual responses and to transcend our old ways of dealing with intensity, challenges, and limitations. Interestingly, in some cases, we might notice some of the ways we’ve already changed and find that we’re much more aware of who we’re becoming as we continue to shed the skin of the past and who we once were. At best, this combination could help us to dig deep and connect with a true sense of strength, mission, or purpose which could also involve allowing more room for authentic vulnerability and connection; and at worst, this combination could correlate with some obsessive, destructive, or addictive, escapist behaviors especially if we’re grappling with trauma fears for survival, or with illusions of trying to control people or things that aren’t really within our purview.  Many of us will experience some of both which tests our ability to maneuver through, or away from, the choppy waters of difficulty.

With 4 planets moving retrograde in their apparent motion including Mercury, much of the change and power embodied in this solstice could be happening in deep, inner, and more personal ways and we might benefit from pacing ourselves over time even as we increase our capacity for progress. Retrograde energies often remind us to slow down and digest our experiences a bit, even as we continue to move forward.  In some cases, we could encounter resistance to impatient or willful desires to push forward with our agendas or desires for change. Digging deep, we’re reminded that the resistance isn’t personal even when it seems like it, and again spiritually, most of it could ultimately be used for our good.

How will you engage with these important summertime energies of 2021?

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